New build required client to choose green energy Childswickham, Evesham


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The Brief

Mr B was required to include green energy within his plans for a new build home. The garage had a suitable roof, so he contacted us to see how practicable it would be to add a solar PV array to the it.

Solar Panels for Home

The Process

After looking at the architects drawings we established how many panels we might install on the small roof. Most importantly, we looked at what potential yields he could achieve from the design.
With so many Panel manufacturers on the market Mr B was keen to install a Solar system with good longevity and performance. He was keen to have a in-roof system for the slimline look of the finished system, and we designed an array around his requirements. The result was a 3.2 KW system using the latest technology from Solar Edge to harness as much energy from an east-west roof orientation

The verdict

The solar pv system has now be connected for more than two years at the time of writing, reaching all of our expectations for yields and performance. The client is really happy with the look of the roof too.

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